Video Game also is known as Computer game, Does playing a Video game has any benefit? Science has proof that playing video game have numerous benefits. Technology is advancing every day, a different type of game have being developed. Nowadays we have simulation game, role-playing game, arcade game, platform game, card game, action game, adventure game etc. The skills one learn from these games can be deciding factors in a life and death situation. Here are some benefit of video game

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination: One of the ways to increase hand-eye coordination is through playing computer games as proven by scientists. A gamer who spend long hours playing games especially role-playing and action games have better hand-eye coordination than those that don’t. An Australian University, Deakin University found in their research that nursery school kids that play interactive computer games tend to have better coordination of their hands, wrists, and fingers than those that don’t play a computer game. They also tend to have better attention and ability to find their target easier than those that don’t.
  2. Multi-tasking: Researches have shown that gamers are more proficient in multitasking, and they have the ability to do a lot of things at the same time and also shift focus to a more pressing task when they are multi-tasking without any difficulty. They tend to have the ability to allocate their mental resources to different tasks at a time which result in them being able to make quick decisions and solve problems faster.
  3. Improve Health Condition: Many patients with mental issues and medical conditions have found out that playing game serve as relieve their condition. In 2008, a research published in Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine have shown that gaming help patients especially those that are suffering from depression and stress to cope better, it gives them another perception on how they see life and distract them from their present condition.
  4. Improve Social Skills: Online multiplayer and interactive games have foster communication between different gamers from the different part of the world thereby enable them to make friends from different part of the globe. Developers and gaming companies do invite gamer to organized competitions, conferences and international events making gamer to be socially and culturally friendly. many friendships have developed from this type of conferences.
  5. Reverse Aging: Playing games require cognitive skills so it helps reverse aging. It helps players most especially the older ones to improve their abstract thinking and memory require for the game. Gaming gives the players joy and improves mental well-being. Reverse Aging is known to increase energy, look and feel younger.

As everything that has advantages also has disadvantages, the key time in gaming is moderation. We have to regulate our time and also decide which game is appropriate and suitable for us. Happy Gaming