In this recession’s period, there is an intense need for an alternative source of income even though you have a “9 – 5” regular job.  For many people the normal office work can no longer meet their needs, so they seek other areas to boost and make more money.

This write-up will show you the five simple and easy ways that people use to make money online either as a temporary means or permanent source of income.

The world is now a global village with the advent of the internet, there are billions of information on the net which can generate considerable income for those that knows where to look.


In this 21st century, freelancing is one of the most popular ways to make money on the net aside from working in an office or organization. If you are a designer you can get lease as a designer to design stuff for people, having positive review will help you as a freelancer because a designer, artist or illustrator should be able to show previous work, the positive review will stand as your recommendation indicating that your previous work is okay and meeting the required standard. Publishers are always looking for people to design logos, book covers and website for them, whom in turn they will pay a considerable amount for their service. A very good graphics designer will earn much especially when he/she have a website to showcase his work with a good traffic.

Writing and editing are another way of making money in freelancing, there is a high increase in the number of writer publishing their own work by themselves. Independent writers are looking for easy labor when it comes to publishing they will rather pay a small amount for editing than signing a contract with a publishing house. They either hire a freelancer to edit their work or write content for the book as a ghost writer.

On another note you can also be a niche writer, providing an article for magazines, website owners, and bloggers. The key thing here is quality content, once you can keep providing them with a fresh and quality article with good content, they will keep patronizing you.

Freelancing is a great way to make money, you can determine how long you want to work and also the numbers of the hour you want to dedicate to this. A website like odesk and eLance are a great place for a  newbie to get started. Having a matching price with others will help get client until you get a good review which serves as your recommendation for the new client. Is advisable to have a website, so as to make more money from it. Freelancing can serve as an avenue to kick-start one’s own business.

If you have any skill, freelancing is a way to make money because there is always people ready to pay for your service. A computer geek can earn money by help developing an application, checking the application for error or test running an application. There is always a way to make money in freelancing

Start an online retailing shop

Have you ever buy stuff online? Is people like you and me that are the seller, they are operating this shops from their homes.

Selling goods online is of two-way; one is buying goods, displaying it online and shipping it to the buyers or the seller purchase the goods from a third-party and have it shipped to the buyers also known as drop-shipping. Drop-shipping can be very demanding and tricky because the seller does not get to see the goods before been shipped to the buyers and there might be variation in price or quality of goods.

Almost everybody has old stuff which is no longer useful to you but still has value. This stuff can be sold online to make extra cash. You can start your own online retail shop by selling this old stuff online. You can also buy stuff from other retailers at a giveaway price and sells them at a regular price.

The key to making a profit in this line of business is to make sure the reselling price is greater the price at which you bought these goods. Fob Scan is an application you can installed on your mobile device so as to compare prices of goods before buying them.

Selling Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr gigs might look small, but gigs on Fiverr nowadays can cost up to $50 depending on the pop, it is advised to start with standard price $2 to $5 and then upgrade as much as you like depending on the services you are rendering. Most of this Fiverr gigs are jobs that you might even do in a minutes, jobs ranging from SEO pushes, voice over, editing video, short video etc.

Create a YouTube Channel

People are always watching videos, more than four billion hours are spent on YouTube watching videos by “YouTuber”. Find a particular area you want to talk about, it can be teaching series, cooking guides, showbiz report etc. you can become a partner program when you are the legal owner of your material.

A partner program with constant promotion can set up a YouTube account. The pay might be small at the beginning but with more content and promotion the pay will sky-rocket as is in other content marketing business.  Owning a YouTube Channel is just like having your own television show where you are responsible for and in charge of everything concerning the show.

Selling your own self-made products

Selling your self-made goods online can fetch you more money than creating niches website or blog. Although most beginners in online marketing consider product creation to be out of bound, but with few minutes/hours to spare you can create your own products and you will find out that product creation is not as hard as you think.  Creating a product on the subject you are very familiar will generate more money, a lot of affiliate marketers will hope to sell your product on their websites and email listing will help you reach audiences that you can’t reach by yourself.

There are many ways to make money online, but these ideas are most easy ones that you can start with right away especially the first three ideas. Building a website or blog is the best way to make money for people with the future in mind but this idea above can bring you money (almost) instantly.

Freelancing on the popular website offers support especially their traffic because it is a place for clients who are looking for people who will do the jobs that they don’t like doing or they are feeling lazy to do.

Listing product on popular shopping website can help get a massive sale because they already have the shoppers coming to their website to buy the different product they want or need. Some sites (like Amazon) only charged retailer a small amount when the retailer make a sale while others (like Ebay) charged during the process of listing the product.

Sites like Fiverr is a place for any small jobs that is needed to be done, it is not as profitable as the above two but with the skills, you can make a very good money here too.