The world of modeling is very diverse, with different style ready to cater for everyone taste. The wide range of modeling service available make it possible for almost everyone to become a model, all you just have to do it find your style. Either you tall or short, fat or skinny, muscular or fat, six-pack or fat belly, old or young there is always a place for you in modeling which suits you.  In this write-up will are going to discuss the various styles by modeling agencies so that you can easily find the style that best suit you.


This is the most popular type of modeling, modeling agencies are very strict about their requirement here. They usually require a tall and slender person with a minimum height of 165 ft although most fashion models are above 170 ft. Fashion modeling is of four types namely; Runway, Catalogue, Editorial, and Fitness.

Runway models are professional models with high confidence and good height, cat walking on a runway and promoting a fashion or brand wear.

Editorial models are models you see in magazines and other editorials especially fashion magazines, they are tall, have a distinct look and photogenic with good fashion sense.

Catalog models are models in ad prints for different publication showing different fashion wears and accessories. Catalog model must be photogenic and be able to project different emotion.

Fitness modeling is very competitive and opportunities for jobs is very limited but the payment for this type of job is very hefty. It require high level of physical maintenance and fitness, they mostly model for sports and lifestyle brands


Commercial modeling is for anyone with the passion for modeling, the requirement for this type of modeling is very few mostly all that is require from the model is a good personality and marketable look.

In other cases, they are required to be able to speak fluently and act when doing a television commercial, website advert, event campaign etc.

Corporate, adult, lingerie, glamor etc. are all included in commercial modelling.


In this line of modelling, modelling agencies focus more on the ability of the model to persuade people and swell public opinion to buy a product, attend a show or conference, watch a channel, eat at a restaurant etc. depending on the advert they are needed for, physical look is of less important here. They are mostly used to promote a brand to their consumer.

Plus Size

Due to the increase in the number of plus size men and women is only logically that there is demand for plus size model so as to be able to model products that are majorly meant for plus size women.

Freelance Model

They are self-employed models, they are not bound by any contract to any modeling agencies. They source for their own clients, build their portfolios and websites. They can decide to work for many modeling agencies. At the beginning is a very tasking field to set up but once they have been able to build their portfolios this types of modeling give room for flexibility and Present more opportunities.

Body Parts

This type of modeling usually focuses on a part of the body. A girl with an ugly face but lushly and shiny hair can be a hair model. The model is required to maintain only that part of the body he/she used for modeling. Body part models are also to complement full body model, full body model with good face may not look that good with body part shoot, so modeling agency use the standard body face but when it comes to body part make use of the body part model.

They are modeling agencies that can help you discover your style, for professional advice you can visit for more tips and advice.