In my search for relationship tips online, books and in the magazine, I have come across many tips and guide for a successful and committed relationship. Some really useful and others useless. Here are five essential ingredients that I have personally applied in my relationship with tremendous result.

  1.     Communication: communication in a relationship helps in the exchanges ideas, opinions and feelings. Don’t even think of dating him/her if the two of you cannot sit down and have a real tangible conversation. No relationship can survive without communication, you must be able to tell him/her when he/she is wrong or did anything that hurt your feeling. Also note that a relationship that all you discuss is the latest news, showbiz, weather, the latest movie, sports, etc. can never last. You should be able to confront him/her and speak up even when he/she is not happy, at the end of the day he/she will know how you feel about the particular topic or situation whatever the conversation might be about. Effective communication in a relationship can prevent or reduce conflicts, limit misconception, guide our assumption. A good couple is those that can communicate verbally, with their body language, eye contact, and tone of their voices.
  2. Trust: the importance of trust in a relationship cannot be overemphasized, trusting someone has to do with having confidence in a person, knowing that they are reliable and they have your back. It is one of the fundamental tools for a successful relationship. Trust in a relationship has to do with knowing that your partner has you in mind and won’t do anything to hurt you, for a successful relationship you have to trust your partner and hope that he/she do what have been promised or spoken, and give him/her the benefit of doubt. Trust can be built by being honest in the little things.It is very easy to trust other people once you can trust yourself
  3. Respect: Respect is reciprocal says an old proverb, respect is very crucial in a relationship. It has to do with respecting your partner view, opinion, education, culture, belief, decision, privacy etc. we all come from different background and belief system which have a say in how we behave and act. It is your duty to respect all these differences and not take him/her for granted. Once you respect your partner it will be very easy for he/her to respect you back.
  4. Patience: Patience is the ability to deal with issues and imperfection of your partner. With patience, a couple can suffer through rough times, with patience all problem can be solved. For two different people to live together and love them self they have to be patient and tolerate each other. Patience is required in a relationship especially at the beginning where you are still getting to know each other. Even the bible says that love is patient i.e. if you love her you will be patience with her, and vice versa.
  5. Love: And the most important ingredient; Love: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection (Advanced English Dictionary). Without love, a relationship will break down with time. Love is the engine that power the vehicle called relationship.

    If you can apply this five ingredient in your relationship, am hundred percent sure you will have a wonderful and blissful relationship.