So you are looking for a way to make extra income? Trying to save up for your retirement? Looking for other means to complement your salary? Your salary, not enough? There are many reasons you might want to create multiple streams of income, and there are many ways to create it, from affiliate marketing, freelancing, and creating YouTube video etcetera.  But the problem is your job or study might not give you the needed time for this. So here comes passive income.
Passive income basically has to do with earning money with little or no effort on the part of the earners. Passive income most time required capital or work to be done at the beginning, then you can now sit back and watch as your money flow in.  Below are three means of making money with little or no time required at all.
1.    Write a book or software: Although a lot of time and work is required up-front, but when the project is done and well marketed you can now sit down and start counting money.
So you have an idea about a computer application that can ease an everyday problem in our environment or in your office but lack the programming skills. You can hire a freelance programmer cum developer or learn programming by yourself there are a lot of programming tips and guides with tutorials online. After creating the application you either give it out for free (and ask for a donation or include paid advert in it) or sell it online.
After taking your time to write a book, you can either sell it to a publisher and collect royalties, put it up online on websites that provide service related to your book through affiliated marketing or set up a website for it and sell it yourself.
2.    Rental Property:  The most difficult task here is to find a property that is profitable and marketable. Managing a property can be time-consuming so is recommended to hire a professional property manager for some percentage of the monthly rental fee or become a passive partner with an individual with a good portfolio, you become the money guy while your partner does all the work. And you guys share the profit on a agree percentage at the end of the day.
3.    Investment: you can invest in Stocks, bond, shares, managed fund; they are a great way to earn extra income. If you don’t know much about this area it is better to hire a financial adviser or take up classes online. Because a bad decision can lead to loss of your capital if care is not taken. The shareholders in these investments received payment at regular interval from the profit made by the company you invested in.
As I said earlier there many ways to make money aside from your day job and these three, if you think you have more time to pursue other things, you might want to give freelancing, affiliate marketing and doing online surveys a chance a try, you can earn hundreds of dollars from these but may require more time and effort than the three listed above.