The argument among friends and peers about the toughest sport is a common site in public area. They usually defined the difficulty of a sport by their inability to master or participate in those sports. What defined a difficulty sport by its speed, strength, power, endurance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and other aspects of the sport. This is not based on random people’s opinion but deep and impartial analysis of the sport. These sports below are the ten hardest sport in the world along that are physically demanding and also mentally demanding.


10. Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing involves a person skiing on a snow filled hills with slopes. This is a hard game that requires you to master, how to move down on the hill and must endure the cold weather. Alpine Skiing also requires accuracy and perfect timing. Any player lacking this attributes can lead to a disastrous accident for him/her. Researchers have found out that four out of one thousand players have a condition that required medical attention during alpine skiing.


9. Baseball

Baseball requires great hand-eye coordination and mental skills. The players have to be on alert all the time, and the hitter has to keep his/her eyes on the moving ball while hitting. The speed can make it impossible for him/her to follow the ball sometimes.


8. Martial Art

Martial art is one of the sports that need great endurance for someone to be successful in it. The game requires constant training and practice or else you will not be able to endure the pains and exhaustion that comes with the game. Strength, endurance, and great hand-eye coordination are required for martial art.


7. Basketball

Basketball is a game of quick reflex, good hand-eye coordination with dead point accuracy. Injuries are very common here, with most injuries occurring as a result of a quick turn in the game. Broken arm, ankle, wrist, and finger are the most common injury in basketball.


6. Football

Football requires the player to stamina for playing ball and running for 90 minutes (while in some cases 120 minutes when the match enter into extra minute). A good footballer must be fast and be able to read the game properly so as to determine when to pass, dribble or shoot. For a successful career in football a good player need great foot-eye coordination.


5. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a sport that requires the players to have perfect ice skating skills. When playing you have nine players on the playground all aiming for the puck at high speed. For you to be a good ice hockey player you need speed, precision, strength and stamina.


4. Gymnastics

Everything about gymnastics depends on how flexible your body is. A lot of courage and precision is needed so as to avoid injuries because any small mistake will lead to injury.


3. Rugby

Rugby is a game that requires strength and power. Every aspect of the game requires the player to use strength and power either against the ball or opponent. To knock players over, kick the ball, absorb the opponent’s kicking, all these require strength. To move the ball to the opponent post is like trying to move through a wall. Physical fitness, strength, power, stamina and endurance are required in Rugby.


2. Wrestling

Wrestlers are powerful, endurance and have speed. A game of wrestling requires the player to have a good tactics and speed so as not lose the game because you must know which action to take, at every stage of the game.


1. Boxing

Why is boxing the toughest sport? This is a game that requires endurance and power than any other game in the world. To win a game you need great hand-eye coordination, speed, and power with stamina and also be alert for incoming blow from an opponent. While going into a ring a boxer has already known and ready for any injury as a result of a blow from his opponent. Power, speed, and endurance are needed for a boxing, power to blow your opponent, speed to dodge the opponent blow and endurance to endure the pains inflict on you by your opponent.