These tips are for men struggling to keep their significant other happy. These tips consist of small things you can do to dramatically improve your relationship.

  • Be confident: Just be yourself, be proud of who you are, focus on your strength and work on your weakness. Women find confidence more attractive than physical looks.
  • Do the little things: you don’t have to buy her the latest designer or expensive stuff to win her over. The little stuff like opening the door for her, leaving sweet notes at home etc. It is all these gestures that make a relationship sweet and successful.
  • Don’t take her for granted: Appreciate her contribution in the relationship. It is very easy to take her for granted when she is always around, but never ever take her for granted.
  • Don’t check out other women in her presence: This is simply rude and should be avoided at all cost. Women are biologically build to check out for monogamy and trust, and checking out other women when she is around, will only lead to distrust.
  • Make her laugh: Women prefer a good sense of humor to physical look or nice body. Always try to make her laugh, you might not be Chris Rock or Kevin Hart, but she will appreciate your attempt.
  • Show her care: Show interest in what she likes and passionate about. This will show her you care and can help develop a common interest.
  • Don’t become sloppy: This particular tip is for both partner. Don’t stop doings you were doing before you get her/him, continue dressing well, exercising and other stuff you do to look good before. Stay clean, neat, and well groomed.
  • Try to always impress people that matter to her: Friends and Parent are one of the people that matter to her. Their opinion matter to a degree in her life, try as much as possible to be in their good book.
  • Respect her feelings: I think this has no explanation. Respect her feeling and be considerate.
  • Be Open-Minded: always be willing to try new things (both in the bedroom and outside), this will keep the relationship alive and refreshing, and it is necessary so as to avoid the staleness and boredom after the initial excitement wore off.

Apply these tips in your relationship and watch (in HD) its amazing effect in keeping your special woman happy.

SOURCE: Ezinearticles