Earlier this week, I was watching this interesting television series (Professor JohnBull) on YouTube and Di’Ja made mention of body types in relation to weight loss (Professor JohnBull Season 2 Episode 9). So I decided to hit google and made a light research on the topic and what I discovered is quite interesting, so I decided to share with you guys.
So what is the body type about? You see some people find it hard to lose weight, some find it hard to gain weight and some gain weight easily and lose it easily depending on their environment. Body type is responsible for all this. Before knowing this, I usually complain about the rate at which I gain weight (whether am dieting or not, I seem to always put on extra pound) but now I direct my diet and exercises towards my body type. The type of body type you and I have is the primary determining factor in your weight, body structure, etc.
There are basically three body types and everybody falls in one or more of these body shape, namely: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

They are usually skinny, lean and long with difficulty in building muscles and weight. They can eat the whole house without adding any pound. They eat a lot but rarely gain weight. They might gym a lot without notable change in their body shape. Mostly hyperactive, small chest and buttock, narrow frame and low body fat.
These set of people find it hard to gain weight because of their fast metabolism i.e. they burn fat easily. It is recommended that ectomorph should eat that are high in carbohydrates and moderate in protein, drink a lot of milk, eat good food that is high in calories in moderation.
The Ectomorph are to stay away from cardio exercise and if you must do Cardio make sure it HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), do compound lifts. They are to focus more on resistance and power training.

As you have guessed the endomorph is the complete opposite of ectomorph, this set of people gain fat easily and find it hard to lose weight. These set of individual looks larger than they are, due to heavy fat accumulation and little muscle definition.
The endomorph eats a lot due to their insatiable appetite. They usually embark on different dieting and exercise programs without any tangible result.  They usually have a stocky build and slow metabolism. These group of people has to work more on their diet and exercise for them to have their desired physique.
For the Endomorph’s exercise program, do cardio as much as possible and also compound lifts to burn more calories. Take less calorie, lower your carbohydrate intake, drink plenty of water and eat a lot of vegetables.

These set of people gain and lose weight at will, they can easily gain weight and lose it and maintain a lean physique. They are between the ectomorph and endomorph at such possess the low body fat of ectomorph and the large bone structure of the endomorph.
Mesomorphs have a well-developed musculature with a large bone structure and naturally athletic build.
To get the best out of exercise there must be a balance between cardio exercise and weight. Their body type responds best to weight training. Mesomorphs are to pay attention to what they eat because they gain fat easily, therefore, they need to watch their calorie intake.

The thing about body types is that as we grow old there might be changes in our body types and we might find easy/hard to lose/gain weight. It is also possible to belong to more than one body type, i.e. you can be endomorph and mesomorph at the same time.
I hope by now you can identify your body type, as for me I am an Endomorph. So tell me your body type in the comment box below.